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Short Term Expert - BiH - Development of Quality Assessment of Individual Employment Plans mechanisms and tools , Bosnia and Herzegovina

Job Details

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Short Term Expert - BiH - Development of Quality Assessment of Individual Employment Plans mechanisms and tools
Education and Employment Promotion
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Name of project: 
Youth Employment Project
Task description: 

Objective of the present mission

There are two main objectives of this mission:

  1. Develop Individual Employment Plan Quality Assessment Template  
  2. Facilitation of Individual Employment Plan Quality Assessment Audit


The main objective is to provide the PES tools and mechanisms to determine the quality of Individual Employment Plans, and in general individual counselling. The methodology will be used by PES Internal Audit Unit to assess the quality of IEPs and provide recommendations for counsellors. The report and recommendations will be used to plan training for counsellors.  The Project team will facilitate the process during this mission.

Therefore, the expert will:

  • Meet and discuss current practices in counselling (YEP, PES);
  • Interview counsellors to gather practices, issues and development needs (PES);
  • Interview potential members of Internal Audit Unit (PES);
  • Draft Individual Employment Plan Quality Assessment template;
  • Discuss developed tools with Internal Audit Unit;
  • Facilitate assessment workshop;
  • In cooperation with Internal Audit Unit draft Individual Employment Plan Quality Assessment Report;
  • Identify development needs for counsellors;
  • Mission report.

Expected results

Key results of the mission:

  • PES and Project team will be able to use Individual Employment Plan Quality Assessment Templates;
  • Counsellors will receive feedback and guidance to develop good quality IEPs and be able to assess their expertise in individual counselling;
  • PES Internal Audit will be able to determine counselling development needs for future training/workshops.

Expected deliverables

At the end of the assignment the expert will deliver the following documents:

  • IEP Quality Assessment Template
  • IEP Quality Assessment Report and Recommendations
  • PES Internal Audit Meeting/Workshop Report
  • Interview minutes
  • Mission report.

Draft agenda of the mission

The mission should last up to

  1. Preparation, 2 day.
  2. Meeting and discussion with the various actors in the field, 8 days
  3. Meeting with PES Internal Audit Unit 2 days
  4. Feedback and report writing, 2 days.

Expert should have an advanced university degree in Organizational Development or related field, and:

  • At least 10 years of proven experience in labour market and employment sector,
  • Strong ability to deal with the public and different levels of responsibilities,
  • Experience of employment services and counselling especially,
  • International experience with labour market and employment sector,
  • Excellent ability to analyze and synthesize vast amounts of information,
  • Strong writing skills,
  • Fluency in written English, good knowledge of oral Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian is a strong asset,
  • Thorough understanding of B&H labour market system
Other information: 

Youth Employment Project – Phase III

Terms of Reference for a Short Term Expertise

Title of the mission

Development of Quality Assessment of Individual Employment Plans mechanisms and tools 

Dates of mission and number of days:

International expert up to 14 days.

Number of experts and origin (international/local):

One international

Short description of Youth Employment Project Phase III

Overall YEP III goal is to support the development of a functional and responsive job intermediation system provided by the Public Employment Services (PES) throughout B&H which contributes to an increase youth employment in the country. The project works closely with PES in both B&H entities in order to strengthen their capacities to place youth into jobs and increase their overall performance. Cooperating with relevant policy-makers, public officials, and youth NGOs and other labour market stakeholders, YEP also makes efforts to positively influence B&H youth employment policy.

The country’s complex political structure (13 institutional bodies are involved in managing the employment issues at national, entity and cantonal level) and the PES staff who are overburdened with administration tasks prevented PES from developing effective client oriented services, and in turn disregarded the needs of the young unemployed.  On the other hand, distrusting the existing system and surrounding institutions, young people wind down a hopeless career path. 

The project aims to support better integration of young women and men into B&H’s labour market by improving the public employment services’ (PES) efficiency in dealing with youth unemployment. Therefore, the focus is now in fact on the PES collaboration – finding various solutions for PES to better support an inclusion of young people into the labour market.

Due to the country’s complex political organization (13 institutional bodies are involved in management of employment at national, entity and county levels) and the fact that the youth unemployment is higher than 60%, PES in B&H have not been able to develop efficient practices especially to meet the needs of the young unemployed. For these reasons, contributing to the improvement of PES efficiency and facilitating access to employment services to young people, (especially for the long term unemployed) is of great importance to fight against B&H unemployment.

The project aims the achievement of three main interrelated outcomes:

  1. Public Employment Services (PES) improve their performance and are more successful in connecting young jobseekers with employers, through implementation of the Reform Package;
  2. Innovative new employment and job creation models, provide more opportunities for young unemployed and socially excluded and create replicable models of active labour market measures and functional social enterprises;
  3. Public employment services (PES), employers, education system and local governments strengthen and structure communication to coordinate reform processes, improve public perception of PES, replicate successful models and thereby increase labour market opportunities for young persons.


The general project approach is a mix of bottom-up and top-down approaches:

  • on the basis of the implementation of pilot actions (model offices, introduction of performance management, dissemination of job clubs), and their further dissemination throughout the country, involving authorities at all levels, the project supports a general improvement of practices;
  • at the same time the project works with managers of public employment services and decision makers to promote changes in policies and develop new strategies (youth employment forums, study tours, communication actions).

In order to ensure implementation of the new work methods with clients, Reform Package tackles several PES aspects, such as:

  • division of administrative and counselling tasks
  • provision of individual and group counselling (JobClub, information and motivational seminars for long-term unemployed)
  • quick administration of rights through reception areas
  • infrastructural and technical (IT) support
  • capacity building of PES staff
  • career orientation through „Zoom in Employment“ Methodology
Mission start date: 
August 2017
Mission end date: 
September 2017
14 days
Contact person: