Placing people at the heart of development

Placing people at the heart of development

At GOPA Worldwide Consultants, we understand that behind each development project there is a human story. For this reason, we favour dynamic development cooperation that places beneficiaries at the heart of our work.

Our people-centred approach, based on five core sectors of expertise, ensures that the projects we implement deliver the best possible outcome in terms of socially-inclusive growth and poverty reduction and have a sustainable and measurable impact on peoples’ lives.

We have zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. We would rather lose a project than engage in corrupt behavior. We take integrity and compliance very seriously, hence anti-fraud and compliance training is compulsory for all our colleagues.
Berthold Averweg
Managing Director of GOPA
My first assignment for GOPA was in 1996 and since then I’ve had 25 contracts for various projects. I really appreciate the work ethics and the professional attitude of the GOPA team, they are a reliable partner. We share the same goal of delivering good results to our clients.
Gerhard Rettenbacher
Team Leader for a GOPA project in Lebanon funded by the European Union
I really appreciate our team’s work atmosphere and the peer learning opportunities we have across functional groups. Peer learning is part of our team culture and we eagerly transfer this concept to the countries we work with, for example, through cascade training and job shadowing.
Simone Goncalves
Senior Project Manager in the Education and Employment Promotion team
What I appreciate about GOPA is the trustful partnership and the confidence they have in my work. I receive help when I need it and together we take responsibility for the project’s results.
Elena Maximenco
Team Leader for a GOPA project in Tajikistan
Prior to joining the team in our headquarters, I worked for GOPA on a GIZ-funded project at the EAC Secretariat in Tanzania. I now have a pleasantly wide perspective on strategic aspects of our projects. I am particularly inspired by the dynamics of working in different countries and on diverse topics
Jesse Mutua
Project Manager in the Governance and Economic Development team
After spending two years in Djibouti, I am currently in Ethiopia on another long-term assignment with GOPA. I work in remote areas and it is important for me that I can communicate freely in a collaborative environment. With GOPA I feel comfortable and supported, which means we can be pro-active in the implementation of project activities.
Massimo Amorosi
Team Leader for a GOPA project in Ethiopia funded by KfW
I was Team Leader for a GOPA project in Namibia and appreciated the professional relationship I developed with my project manager. His competence and empathy for the challenges in management were of great value. This persuaded me to join the head office team and contribute to new projects implementation.
Claus-Peter Hager
Senior Project Manager in the Rural Development and Environment Team
I have been working with GOPA for 7 years, as a key expert for an EU-financed statistical project in IPA countries. It is a very challenging project with activities and pilot projects in 7 countries. The management processes we have established together with the GOPA team and the great cooperation are the key to our success.
Sabine Lange
Team Leader for a GOPA project in the Balkans
Managing regional projects requires a lot of flexibility – my team at GOPA is a beautiful mixture of experienced, dedicated, creative and supportive colleagues. By combining our strengths we are able to respond to our partners’ needs and to provide the best technical support possible.
Hans Reckhaus
Project Manager in the Statistics team
I’ve been working for GOPA for 3 years as an M&E expert to provide local expertise in a multicultural team. Though this was my first long-term contract in a project, I have enjoyed the working environment and I am very happy with the results we have achieved so far. The GOPA colleagues are always friendly, even when we are faced with challenging tasks.
André Sibomana
Local Expert for a GOPA project in Rwanda funded by KfW
I am one of the founding members of our competence team and I am happy to see how we have broadened our technical scope and increased the number of clients. We like interacting and entering into dialogue with ministries, donors, NGOs and experts during our missions; and using the results from our expert assignments when developing new technical proposals or backstopping our projects.
Christina Hembrock
Senior Project Manager in the Monitoring and Evaluation team
I have worked with GOPA on environmental policy and nature conservation projects in Macedonia, Croatia, Cyprus and the Caucasus region for more than 15 years. In all the projects, I appreciated the solid technical, financial and procedural support provided by the team at the GOPA head office.
Jernej Stritih
Chief Technical Advisor for a GOPA project in the Caucasus funded by KfW
I have worked with GOPA on environmental policy and nature conservation projects in Macedonia, Croatia, Cyprus and the Caucasus region for more than 15 years. In all the projects, I appreciated the solid technical, financial and procedural support provided by the team at the GOPA head office.
Jernej Stritih
Chief Technical Advisor for a GOPA project in the Caucasus funded by KfW

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Cooperation: Monitoring 150 projects in GIZ Hospital Partnership Initiative

Since 2018, GOPA mbH and EPOS Health Management have been conducting a complex evaluation of the GIZ Hospital Partnership Initiative, financed by BMZ and the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation. Many health organisations in Germany, especially hospitals, already maintain peer-to-peer links and working relationships with health institutions in countries worldwide. The Initiative aims to recognise and foster this engagement. By building up partner capacity, and facilitating projects, the Initiative enables the parties involved to put their ideas into practice. During the evaluation, the GIZ commissioned GOPA and EPOS not only to take care of the evaluation, but also of the annual monitoring. This year, the GOPA Group consortium is monitoring around 150 different Hospital Partnership projects which range from preventive measures for rheumatic heart disease in Ethiopia, to dentistry in the Caribbean, to improving treatment for snakebites in Laos. Most projects are monitored by GOPA’s in-ho…

Events: GOPA stays green with ECOPROFIT

On Wednesday, 17 June 2020, GOPA was presented with the Ökoprofit (ECOPROFIT) certificate by Alexander Hetjes, Mayor of Bad Homburg, for the company’s environmental management efforts in 2019. Since 2014, GOPA’s environmental management team has participated regularly in Ökoprofit workshops, which deal with various topics related to environmental management and CSR. In last week’s workshop, Ökoprofit members discussed the new Environmental Law and its new regulations on CO2 pricing for heating and transport. Furthermore, Martin Haustermann from the Global Nature Fund reported on latest developments in the cultivation of sustainable natural rubber. GOPA has been Ökoprofit-certified since 2015. Ökoprofit is a programme for sustainable economic development, based on both economic and ecological success. We work together with the town council, other businesses and our own employees to reduce the use of energy and raw materials. For further information on GOPA's environmental effor…

Events: GOPA Consulting Group took part in the 2nd USAID Overseas Small Business Conference

The second Overseas Small Business Conference by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), held in Frankfurt in March 2020, provided a strong forum for fruitful engagement between USAID and 200 participants. The majority of attendees came from the Offices of Acquisition and Assistance in Washington, Missions of Europe & Eurasia, Middle East and Africa, the current USAID large business prime contractors, and other development cooperation organisations like GOPA. This two-day conference was organised by USAID’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) in collaboration with the USAID Office in Frankfurt (M/OSO) and the USAID Ukraine Mission. Participants were given an effective forum to engage with USAID concerning effective collaborating and procurement reforms, include their New Partners Initiative, the USAID business forecast, and subcontracting opportunities with large prime contractors. GOPA hosted and managed a booth table at the conferen…

Tunisia: Bringing together government & private sector for trade facilitation

At the end of January 2020, we started the GIZ-funded “Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation Project” in Tunis. This two-year project is being carried out within the framework of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, a public-private partnership giving support to countries in implementing the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement. In line with the overall approach of the Global Alliance, the two long-term experts on the ground will bring together German, European and Tunisian companies, as well as the Tunisian Government, as equal partners. They will identify opportunities to address delays and unnecessary “red tape” in cross-border trade – and design and deploy targeted reforms in the area of customs and logistics that deliver commercially quantifiable results. The project is part of the GIZ module on job partnerships and promotion of medium-sized enterprises in Tunisia, a programme under BMZ’s Special Initiative for Training and Job Creation. The Global Alliance includes: …

Morocco: Strong media presence at the launching of an MCC-funded project

This January, we held a high-level workshop to kick-off the project “Support to the MCA-Morocco Agency in the management, monitoring, technical assistance and closure of the activities of the Charaka Fund MCA-Morocco Agency". The Charaka Fund – meaning partnership in Arabic – is a grant of 100 million USD from the American Government, with an additional 30 million USD from the Moroccan Government. The funds are used to create and renovate 15 beneficiary VET centres educating around 8,400 interns annually in the fields of agriculture, agro-industry, tourism, industry, handcrafts, construction, transport, logistic and health. The formal kick-off event received high media attention, and was attended by high-ranking government officials, and representatives of the 15 VET centres. The workshop gathered together all stakeholders around the table, where we presented our management approach, systems and tools to ensure the effective management, monitoring and evaluation of the entir…

Photo credits: Photos courtesy of Cyrille Berliat© and Getty Images