The Challenge

The combination of an enabling environment and sustained public support of economic activities is crucial to building well-being and reducing poverty.
Therefore, our mission is to provide the expertise and tools to facilitate entrepreneurship and to assist in removing the obstacles to sustainable economic and social development. This is focused on the micro- and macro-economic levels.
SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are among the most dynamic drivers of economic growth and modernisation, and they are the most important sources of employment and income generation in developing countries and economies in transition. Hence, one of our key tasks is to increase the competitiveness of SMEs.
A market-friendly and socially oriented political system together with development-focused governance is the key to income security and sustainable progress. This is about building and sustaining momentum for a fair, transparent and effective environment for economic and social policy-making.
Another challenge is to promote international trade activities of developing countries and to improve their capability to gain benefits from technology transfers and to create technological innovations.
Institution-building measures and the launching of often very substantial reforms in public administration systems are another big challenge. In this process, our goal is to contribute to the actions undertaken by public institutions, thus gearing them towards the interests of their citizens and consequently increasing the quality of life. In this context, we emphasise the promotion of non-state actors and the cooperation and dialogue between civil society and governmental organisations.
Our dedicated staff is well experienced and successful in dealing with these challenges.