Our Approach

To achieve success, we address the various intervention levels - from the macro level of general development strategies, down to the micro level of individual businesses. At the same time, we maximise the positive impact of interdependent factors - e.g. HRD, environment, gender, poverty eradication, good governance and democratic leadership.
Our holistic approach leads to effective solutions to complex problems thanks to a deeper understanding of the underlying context. Here, creating the basis for sustainable growth through active promotion of the private sector can involve providing technical assistance to associations and other private sector organisations as well as facilitating knowledge and technology transfer. At the same time, we work with decision-makers and stakeholders to develop strategies and policies on macro-economic issues – going so far as to provide support in launching governmental and public-sector reforms, paying utmost attention to good governance practices.
By assisting the private sector in strengthening its national and international competitiveness and supporting institutional development and capacity building in the private and public sectors, we keep to the principle that cooperation in a spirit of partnership leads to success. In doing so, we apply participatory methods which take into consideration the needs of the client and the prevailing specific circumstances so as to set realistic targets and to achieve the overall economic and social goals of the TA interventions.