Information on job opportunity notices and how to apply

What kind of job opportunities does GOPA offer?
GOPA is currently implementing more than 140 projects around the globe, staffed by fixed-term experts as well as permanent GOPA personnel. Backstopping is delivered by the company’s head office in Bad Homburg which has a staff complement of around  200. When vacancies occur in ongoing projects or at head office, these are advertised.

GOPA also competes for new projects by responding to prequalification notices and tenders issued by technical cooperation organisations such as EDF, GIZ, IBRD, KfW, MCC and others. Opportunities arising from such procedures are frequently advertised and constitute the bulk of job notices posted on our website.

Information contained in a job opportunity notice
Notices always indicate the status of a position or project:

  • General call for applications
    We are seeking to widen our database in a given technical area, or are opening a new field of activity for which we wish to recruit expertise.
  • Expression of interest/Prequalification
    We have been called upon to express our interest for a project, or have been asked to qualify for a shortlist and, at this stage already, wish to identify and commit expertise.
  • Tender
    GOPA has been shortlisted and called upon to submit a proposal. We are seeking expertise for the tender to be submitted.
  • Implementation
    GOPA is implementing the project indicated in the notice, and is advertising a vacancy.

More information needed to make a decision?
We always endeavour to provide you with as much information as possible. Whenever terms of reference are available, these are provided through a hyperlink, together with any other information that might be of interest to prospective candidates. For more information, you can also contact the person indicated in the notice.

When and how to contact GOPA
If you are interested in a job opportunity, please click on the email address provided to get in touch with the contact person indicated, submitting your updated CV.

If you are seeking employment abroad and wish to apply for registration on our expert database, you are most welcome to register in our expert database here. Your registration will only take a few minutes and will not require any specific login credentials or password.

When you are applying for a vacant position at our head office, or would like to receive information about employment opportunities there, please address Kirsten Möhlmann, HR Manager, using the address .

What CV to submit
All language versions or CV formats are accepted. If you have different language versions or donor formats for your CV, we would welcome receiving them all. If you need a template for putting together your CV, simply download our standard CV format.

Additional Documentation
When submitting your CV, please also provide us with digital copies of your academic qualifications, as well as employers' certificates in respect of past work experience.

GOPA's expert database
GOPA maintains a customised database that stores key information on registered experts (name, date of birth, nationality, academic qualifications, language, donor and country experience, etc.) and includes all available CVs, supporting documents and correspondence.

Advanced search tools allow staff to make detailed searches for available expertise.

The database is common to GOPA and its sister companies, AFC Consultants International, EPOS Health Management, GOPA Com. and GOPA Infra. Thus, experts registered with any one of the GOPA Group companies benefit from becoming available for job opportunities in a wider group of consulting firms that are working in the field of development cooperation.

For more information on our internship opportunities please click here.