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Opportunities in international cooperation

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Various international expert positions in SME development - ADB, Bangladesh

Job Details

Various international expert positions in SME development - ADB
Governance and Economic Development
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Name of project: 
Strengthening Capacities of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Stakeholders to Access Bank Financing and Services
Task description: 

Please indicate in your application title which position(s) you are applying for. It is essential that applicants have read the Terms of Reference beforehand available to download here. CVs should already be highlighting the relevant position requirements further detailed in the Terms of Reference.

Positions open for application (all international):

  • Business Incubation Expert and Team Leader: 10 months in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Cluster Development Expert: 8 months in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Women Entrepreneurship Expert: 6 months in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Financial Management Expert: 2 months in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Minimum qualifications for each of the above :

  • 10 years of professional experience in the respective field
  • solid experience and excellent track record with Asian Development Bank (ADB)- funded projects
  • at least 1 year of experience in Bangladesh



Other information: 

A. Introduction
1. The Government of Bangladesh is currently implementing the Second Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project (SMEDP2), which is aimed at accelerating the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Bangladesh, especially SMEs in rural and nonurban areas, by improving their access to medium- and long-term credit. The project comprises a credit facility of $200 million from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to eligible small and medium-sized enterprises located outside the metropolitan areas of Dhaka and Chittagong through participating financial institutions (PFIs).
B. Objectives of the Assignment
2. This technical assistance (TA) aims to support the implementation of SMEDP2 and will provide resources to improve the financial intermediation and increase the production and investments of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). A key objective is the enhancement of managerial and technical capacity of Bangladesh Bank (BB) and SME Foundation (SMEF), the two implementing agencies of this TA.
C. Outputs
3. The TA has four outputs: (i) establishment of incubation facilities; (ii) development of SME clusters; (iii) strengthening of women entrepreneurship; and (iv) strengthening capacity of implementing agencies.
D. Scope of Work
4. A consulting firm will be engaged following ADB’s Guidelines on the Use of Consultants by ADB and Its Borrowers, using quality and cost-based selection method with a standard quality-cost ratio of 90:10 and full technical proposal. The assignment will involve 26 international person-months and 69 national person-months. The assignment will be carried out in BB head office, its branches and SME Foundation. Consultations and/or meetings with other relevant government offices, non-government organizations and stakeholders will be required throughout the country. Consulting firms are strongly encouraged to associate with a qualified national organization experienced in women entrepreneurship to deliver activities under output (iii) strengthening of women entrepreneurship.
5. The consulting firm will carry out its assignment in consultation with the BB, SMEF, ADB and relevant stakeholders. BB and SMEF will share available reports, documents, and information with the consultants as required; provide support in arranging meetings and workshops; and support dissemination activities. BB and SMEF will also provide office space for relevant consultants. The estimated contract period is 18 months from date of contract signing. The main responsibilities of the consulting firm will be to develop a country strategy with action plan for incubation facilities, train SME entrepreneurs on how to form alliances in clustering and networking, strengthen capacity of BB and PFIs on women entrepreneurs access to financial resources and services, provide capacity building to women entrepreneurs, strengthen technical and managerial capacity of BB and SMEF, along with performing other tasks outlined below.

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