Chinese delegation from forestry sector visits GOPA RDE

Successful talks enable intensified cooperation in future

A Chinese delegation from China State Forest Administration (SFA), Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) and Center for International Forest Products Trade (CIFPT) visited our Rural Development and Environment (RDE) department at GOPA's headquarters in Bad Homburg on 21 June 2017. On their way back from the Chatham House Conference "Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on Illegal Logging" in London, the Chinese delegation was invited by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) to take part in a study tour in Germany.

At GOPA RDE, the Chinese guests were welcomed by our Director, Mr Diemel-Rellecke, and made familiar with GOPA's development, management structure, core business areas, performance and main achievements in general, as well as the recent projects implemented by RDE in China and other parts of Asia. Mr Wang Qianjin, Deputy Director of SFA China's Development Planning & Finance Management Department, expressed how impressed the delegation was by GOPA's capacities and experiences in managing large-scale, EC-funded projects in such diverse specialisation. They are looking forward to potential cooperation with GOPA for projects in China using the various funding sources and also the Chinese funds. Mr Chenyong, Deputy Director of the CIFPT, and the Senior Technical Advisor of the CAF expressed their keen interest in learning technical know-how and good practices through cooperation with GOPA, especially in fields of sustainable forest management, rural development, agriculture, environment, low carbon development and climate change in the near future. As following steps, enhanced information exchange and mutual communication between the experts from both organisations would be of importance to facilitate the potential cooperation.

Author: Yi Wang, Consultant, RDE