GOPA Infra GmbH: a new GOPA Group company

GOPA Consultants┬┤ Department Infrastructure Development is now GOPA Infra

Through the merger of RODECO Consulting GmbH and the department of Infrastructure Development of GOPA Consultants GmbH per 1 October 2016, the GOPA Consulting Group strengthens its portfolio in infrastructure planning and advisory services.

The headquarters of the new company GOPA Infra GmbH will be in Bad Homburg. The consolidation of the infrastructure advisory services in the GOPA Group is a deliberate step towards better and more efficient use of the involved resources for our clients. GOPA Infra aims to meet the global challenges for improvements in infrastructure – in particular in emerging and developing countries - through further growth in the areas of

  • Architecture and urban development

  • Transport and mobility

  • Waste management 

  • Water and sanitation

Apart from this, the company will focus on globally relevant themes in international cooperation pertaining to the nature and quality of investments in infrastructure, climate change and the management of the related financing in these regions.A roster of around 1200 experts, over 70 permanent staff in headquarters and an annual volume of services of Euro 30m constitute the basis for a high-performance company capable of implementing projects for its clients in nearly all regions in the world.

Managing Directors of GOPA Infra GmbH are Dipl.-Geol. Mathias Lueg, Dipl.-Vw. Winfried Zarges and Dipl. -Ing. Thomas Franke.