GOPA project at COP22 in Marrakech

Since September 2013 the Climate Change Knowledge Network for Indian Agriculture (CCKN-IA) has been under implementation jointly by GIZ and GOPA Consultants

The project aims at providing knowledge on climate change adaptation and mitigation methods to smallholder in agriculture, livestock breeding and fish production depending heavily on rainfed agriculture. On a pilot basis three Indian States participate in this cooperation project: Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Odisha. ICT (information and communication technology) plays a major role in the context of this endeavour. An information platform called NICE (Network for Information on Climate (Ex)Change) has been created as the central knowledge repository. It can facilitate gathering and disseminating up to date and only relevant information to the farmers for sustainable agriculture. Source of information is from various government organizations and in various formats. Information or expert advices need to be collated, validated and disseminated as text messages (SMS), voice SMS, videos, fact sheets & posters to farmers for adoption to the impacts of Climate Change. The system is completely based on open source technologies and can be accessed through a web- and an android based mobile application. Content creation is a needs oriented process and relies on regular feedback from farmers and goes along the cultivation periods. Close cooperation between universities, state government administrations and extension services help farmers to get used to the technology. Field demonstrations of innovative cultivation methods, mitigating measures and alternative crops etc. support acceptance of the new tool. GOPA has a team of five advisors providing expert knowledge on ITC, climate smart agriculture and policy advisors.