Our Approach

GOPA Consultants’ Infrastructure Development Division provides solutions to complex problems in the fields of urban and rural infrastructure as well as sanitation services. Our job, through training and resources, is to strengthen public and private institutions focused on providing and managing infrastructural facilities.
Our approach consists of a balanced mix of innovative as well as tried and tested measures, each adapted to local requirements and conditions. The long-term viability of infrastructure related investments and activities depends on consensus in planning, decision-making and implementation. Here, the experience we’ve gained in the most diverse socio-cultural environments enables us to maximise existing potential and accelerate the implementation of necessary improvements.
We start by identifying the best specialist expertise and establishing the right partnerships to ensure the long-term success of the projects. Our project managers combine experience in managing complex, highly demanding infrastructure projects with the understanding that the client’s satisfaction is the yardstick for our performance. Personal commitment and responsibility, complemented by technical skills, result in a professional approach valued by our clients throughout the world.
Our procurement services are characterised by professionalism, a cross-disciplinary approach and neutrality. As procurement, by its very nature, is only one aspect in a much wider context, our consultants are fully familiarised with the individual project. This means engaging experts with different professional backgrounds to ensure we attain projected goals.
As a result of our independence from industrial interests, we are completely neutral in preserving our clients’ interests, thus ensuring they are given top priority and achieve maximum returns.