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Development and strengthening of the timber market through sustainable forest management

Rural Development and Environment
KfW Development Bank in the name of the Brazilian Forest Service
Donor Organisation: 
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
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Start of project: 
August, 2015
End of project: 
December, 2015

In order to broaden the experiences of the project "Forest Management for Sustainable Production in the Amazon" (BMZ/KfW) and to further support the preparation of forest concessions on public lands in the Amazon region (mostly protected areas / national forests), the Brazilian government, through the Ministry of Environment (MMA), requested the support of BMZ to develop a new initiative called "Development and Strengthening of Timber Market through Sustainable Forest Management". The German government has pledged to support a new project through financial cooperation with contribution of an up to EUR 80 million loan at reduced interest rates. The aim is to support the Brazilian government to increase the availability of legal timber of Amazonian origin, creating a sustainable market for timber and non-timber products obtained in compliance with national legislation. This project represents the first loan for activities of the Brazilian Forest Service. The MMA had already submitted a project proposal through Query Letter No 60038 to the External Financing Commission (COFIEX) of the Ministry of Planning and Budget which was approved in March 2014. In order to prepare the concept and the final draft of the project (feasibility study), the partners concluded that more detailed studies were needed in order to deepen the situational analysis, identify problems and difficulties that hinder the achievement of objectives and desired goals, and assess risks and opportunities of alternative approaches.

Project details


Overall objective: Prepare a feasibility study together with further studies for a project aimed at increasing the supply of forest products (especially timber) resulting from sustainable and legal exploitation of forest concessions in public forests in the Amazon region.

Specific objectives: 1) Consolidate sectoral (public / private) forest management through the implementation of an intelligence system of the forestry market; 2) Increase the competitiveness of concessions through the application of financial mechanisms which enable the provision of infrastructure for the operation of the concession areas; 3) Improve remote monitoring and tracking of forestry production and providing reliable and transparent information on their legality throughout the chain of custody.

  • Identification of priority areas (national forests and non designated forests) for the project;
  • Development of institutional analysis and proposals for the management structure of the project;
  • Development of a Forest Market Intelligence System;
  • Development of infrastructure projection for the forest concessions in Federal Public Forests;
  • Development of the Monitoring and Forest Production Tracking System;
  • Development of the logical framework for the project;
  • Development of a proposal for the Social Communication Plan for the project;
  • Preparation of the Project Operational Procedures Manual.

A feasibility study for the said project as well as associated partial studies are prepared.