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Enterprises Support Programme - Programme Management Unit ("Programme d'appui aux entreprises - PAE")

Governance and Economic Development
Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Telecommunications
Donor Organisation: 
European Commission (EC)
Value of Services: 
Crédit Agricole Consultants
Start of project: 
January, 2004
End of project: 
December, 2008

The "Enterprise Support Programme – Programme Management Unit" (PAE) has promoted the development and the modernisation of the Moroccan private sector, especially existing small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The Programme Management Unit (UGP) for which the GOPA-led consortium was responsible assisted several Moroccan implementing agencies in the implementation of the Programme. With an overall budget of 93 million Euros (61 m € financed by the European Union), the PAE focused on

  • the modernisation and upgrading ("mise-à-niveau") of private enterprises (SME) in all major industrial sectors in Morocco and
  • capacity building of nationwide public agencies supporting private sector development.

Project details


Overall objective The PAE intended to foster industrial development in Morocco and provided capacity building aiming at accelerating the regulatory reforms which are necessary for the Moroccan economy to cope with the free-trade zone with the European Union after 2011. Specific objectives The PAE was composed of three coherent components, each of which was based on a specific objective. The component "SME modernisation" aimed at the modernisation of the Moroccan SME sector and the strengthening of their competitiveness in the areas of strategy/organisation, marketing/sales, technology/production, quality management and human resources development. The component "quality/normalisation" aimed at further developing, introducing and enforcing quality standards as well as industrial norms. The component "National Fund for Competitive Enhancement (FOMAN)" envisaged to facilitate the access of SME to Business Development Services (BDS) and investment capital.

  • Direct advisory services to SME – coaching and training on different subjects (marketing, commercial strategy, business re-engineering, organisation of the production, quality management, change management, financial advisory);
  • Support to internationalisation and promotion of partnerships with European enterprises and SME from the MEDA region;
  • Improvement of the distribution of commercial information;
  • Support and capacity building for business support services and for intermediary institutions;
  • Capacity development, institutional and technical support for DQN;
  • Support to the establishment and capacity development for five new specialised Technology Centres (CTI);
  • Capacity building of five existing Technology Centres;
  • Support to the consolidation of the systems of national norms, accreditation, certification and evaluation;
  • Training and information for banking sector staff;
  • Capacity building and coaching change management processes;
  • Promotion and "visibility" initiatives to improve the image of Moroccan SME within the banking sector;
  • Support to industrial sector strategy development;
  • Advisory services in specific areas of industrial sector development;
  • Programme management activities.