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More than 3,500 projects implemented around the world

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Since its founding in 1965, GOPA has successfully implemented over 3,500 projects in more than 130 countries. At present, over 140 are being carried out. This database provides a selection of projects best illustrating GOPA’s fields of activity.

Grant programme manager for community-based natural resources management grant for lot 2 – Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara

Rural Development and Environment
MCA Indonesia
Donor Organisation: 
Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)
Associated Enterprises: 
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Start of project: 
July, 2015
End of project: 
March, 2018

The majority of Indonesia`s poor live in rural areas that are rich in natural resources, but illegal logging, land conversion for agriculture and mining, and other unsustainable land use practices threaten the country`s ability to sustain economic growth and reduce poverty. The majority of greenhouse gas emissions result from deforestation, loss of peatlands, and other land use changes; though, emissions from energy and industrial sources are growing rapidly. Many Indonesians, especially in remote rural areas, suffer from a lack of reliable electricity or depend on expensive and unreliable diesel generation.

Project details


The Green Prosperity Project (GP Project) seeks to establish a new and lasting model for developing, financing, and implementing green growth projects at the local level. In doing so, the Project aims to catalyse greater private sector investment in low-carbon growth strategies for Indonesia, spur local entrepreneurship through emerging opportunities in renewable energy and innovative land use practices, and build greater capacity and commitment among government, civil society, and the private sector to the principles of sustainable development.

  • Overall approach and preparation of a strategy for implementation
  • Assist the finalization of key standard elements of the CBNRM Grant Manual and related documentation
  • Standard instructions/guidance on grant fund administration, project implementation, monitoring and reporting
  • Prepare standard document templates for e.g. application forms
  • Develop an awareness raising and capacity building strategy
  • Facilitate workshops for potential applicants
  • Implement two multi-step calls for proposals
  • Manage concept note screening and proposal appraisal process
  • Develop a Technical Assistance Plan, elaborating the GPM`s approach to identifying, defining and delivering technical assistance for specific individual shortlisted project proposals
  • Assist shortlisted project proponents with technical assistance, helping grantees undertake mitigating or corrective actions
  • Support for negotiations and execution of grand agreements
  • Assessment of financial capacity, financial management and identifying funding resources and prepare an accounting system
  • Project and programme oversight and monitoring (develop a monitoring plan, receive and review grantee`s technical and financial progress reports etc.)
  • Prepare the CBNRM Grant Programme closure plan
  • Report on the operational and financial planning and oversight

The main results to achieve are:

  • Finalize the Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Grant Manual and related documentation
  • Develop an awareness-raising and capacity-building strategy
  • Manage the call for proposal process
  • Manage concept note screening and proposal appraisal process
  • Technical assistance for shortlisted proposals
  • Support for negotiations and execution of grand agreement
  • Financial capacity-financial management & funding resources, accounting system
  • Project and program oversight and monitoring
  • Make recommendation of disbursement of grant milestones/financial oversight