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Promotion of Youth Employment and Vocational Training (ProFoPEJ I- III)

Education and Employment Promotion
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
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January, 2014
End of project: 
April, 2018



High youth unemployment is one of the biggest problems in Togo. This situation is directly related to the lacking quality of vocational training and to inadequate structures for counselling on employment perspectives, especially in the field of self-employment. Neither the chambers of craft, nor the state training institutions can fulfil their task in the sense of a dual cooperative vocational training approach. In addition, due to lack of capacity, the relevant ministries and national players cannot adequately fulfil their coordination and control functions. Vocational training has a low profile, and employment opportunities, particularly in crafts and agriculture, are poor and not systematically communicated to the target group.

GIZ has therefore identified the following core problem: “Young women and men in selected sectors are not adequately prepared for independent and dependent employment”.

Project details


Overall objective: The overall objective of the GIZ programme “Formation Professionnelle et Emploi des Jeunes III” (ProFoPEJ III) is to improve the employability of young women and men in selected sectors. In order to achieve this aim, GIZ works closely together with the ministries: MDBAJEJ (Ministère du Développement à la Base, de l’Artisanat, de la Jeunesse et de l’Emploi des Jeunes); METFPI (Ministère de l’Enseignement Technique, de la Formation Professionnelle et de l'Industrie); and the National Employment Agency (Agence Nationale pour l’Emploi, ANPE). The project’s focus area has been extended to six medium-sized cities. Since January 2014, GOPA has been implementing the GIZ programme together with the French National Employment Agency (Pôle emploi) as institutional partner.

The GIZ ProFoPEJ III programme is divided into two fields of activity:

  1. Dual Cooperative Vocational Training: The aim of this field of activity is to strengthen national and local implementation partners in the dual cooperative vocational training system, and to promote the basic conditions for expanding the dual cooperative system.
  2. Youth employment: In the second field of activity for the promotion of youth employment, subsidised mechanisms are to be strengthened to support the transition of young people into the labour market. As in the previous project, this focuses on professional orientation (in collaboration with the Togolese Labour Agency, ANPE), the promotion and awareness of dual-cooperative training and entrepreneurship.


GOPA is supporting GIZ in the field of activity “Youth employment”.


GOPA will provide the following services:

Area 1: Promotion of careers advice

  • Consultation on the modular training course for professional orientation;
  • Development of a concept for vocational orientation in schools;
  • Announcement of the consultancy services of ANPE and MDBAJEJ;
  • Expansion of the digital instrument for professional orientation;
  • Improving the image of selected professions;
  • Support and advice to governmental departments on the development of a national policy on educational and career guidance.

Area 2: Promotion of entrepreneurship

  • Further development of (training) approaches for self-employment and business start-ups;
  • Adaptation and design of entrepreneurship training in cooperation with ProDRA and ProCIV;
  • Consultation and support on the national policy on entrepreneurship;
  • Implementation of coaching measures, and advice on access to entrepreneurship loans;
  • Support to local partners in systematic data collection;
  • Consultation with FAIEJ on entrepreneurship training activities.


  • Establishment of a modular vocational training course for professional consultants in the National Employment Agency (ANPE) and young consultants in the MDBAJEJ;
  • Development of a concept to offer vocational orientation, for sensitising young people early on questions of career choice;
  • Announcement of advisory offers by the ANPE and the MDBAJEJ, by means of appropriate events and further steps;
  • Expanding the digital instrument for professional orientation with professional profiles, etc.;
  • Improvement of selected trades, including newly identified professions with employment potential in agriculture, logistics and energy, by means of appropriate media and measures.