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Protection of the agro-biodiversity in rural areas of Albania

Rural Development and Environment
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
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April, 2012
End of project: 
April, 2015

The northern Alpine region of Albania is rich in natural resources but poverty stricken. With the transfer of management rights to local authorities within the decentralisation process, all local actors need sensitisation and preparation for the sustainable management and the protection of local resources. The implementation of sustainable management practices and new income generating activities shall improve the living conditions of the local population and their support to the conservation of forests and local products.

Project details


Overall Objective: The implementation of concepts for the protection and sustainable use of the biodiversity of the alpine region of Albania has improved.

Specific objectives

The project operates on three different levels in order to achieve the following specific objectives:

On national level:

  • Ministries benefit from updated and improved strategies and their implementation on different administrative levels

  • The forest and agricultural extension services avail of guidelines and minimum standards for the implementation of planning and management measures

  • The national biodiversity data bank benefits from the identification and periodic assessment of regionally adapted indicators for the elaboration of region specific status reports for national support programmes.

On the level of protected areas:

  • Governmental and non-governmental institutions in the project area benefit from jointly developed concepts of integrated management of protected areas

  • The administrators of governmental and private protected areas meet high acceptance for the implementation of new protected areas and their management

  • The structure and operation of the Local Action Group (LAG) “Bjeshket e Namuna” benefits from the compliance with EU requirements for the support of their area.

On the level of sustainable management of natural resources:

  • Communities benefit from the management of their forests according the recommendations of the extension service

  • Rural families benefit from assistance and better marketing of their products

  • Local producers take advantage of newly introduced stimuli and thus improve ago-biodiversity and their income.
  • Assistance to ministries of Environment and Agriculture, regional and local authorities as well as LAGs and farmers
  • Improvement of national strategies for protection and sustainable use of natural resources
  • Elaboration, adaptation and improvement of national standards for relevant production and management areas, according to European/international standards
  • Support to the national biodiversity data bank (amplification, actualization, operative improvement)
  • Improvement of extension services to local producers and forest owners
  • Stimulate the implementation and improvement of two new protected areas
  • Assistance to the LAG “Bjeshket e Namuna” for operational structure and improvements
  • Municipalities and province administrations received assistance for management of local products, protected areas management, development of tourism and integrated participative regional planning
  • Local producers received assistance, support and training in the identification, development and implementation of sustainable management of their local resources and the marketing of their products