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More than 3,500 projects implemented around the world

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Since its founding in 1965, GOPA has successfully implemented over 3,500 projects in more than 130 countries. At present, over 140 are being carried out. This database provides a selection of projects best illustrating GOPA’s fields of activity.

Results Oriented Monitoring Review of Implementation of Projects and Programmes Financed by the European Union within the Framework of its External Assistance - Lot 1: European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI)

Region: European Neighbourhood
Monitoring & Evaluation/Quality
European Commission (EC)
Donor Organisation: 
European Commission (EC)
Project Volume: 
Value of Services: 
Start of project: 
December, 2014
End of project: 
April, 2018


The project facilitates monitoring services of EU-funded projects selected by the European Commission (EC) through regular on-site visits to projects and programmes in the respective project countries (single country or multiple countries in case of a regional programme or project), assess key project documents and interview relevant stakeholders, including the beneficiaries. Based on empirical data, the monitors produce and deliver objective, impartial and concise monitoring reports, which are quality assured by the Consultant before being submitted to the EC.

ROM co-exists with other complementary monitoring mechanisms, such as the self-monitoring by the project management, internal monitoring by the EU Delegations and partner countries' own monitoring mechanisms.

Every year, the project carries out approx. 130 single country missions, 35 multi-country missions, 100 end-of-project results report missions, and 5 budget support programme missions.

Project details

  • Preparation of annual work plans for conducting the monitoring missions requested by the EC
  • Organisation and implementation of ROM missions with a specific methodology in accordance with the type of mission (130 single country missions, 35 multi-country missions, 100 end-of-project results report missions, and 5 budget support programme missions annually)
  • Briefing and debriefing of the EU project managers on the conclusions of the individual monitoring missions
  • Development of new mechanisms for quality assurance of the monitoring missions and mission reports
  • Organisation and implementation of trainings and seminars for the monitors and the commission staff on monitoring, impact assessments, Project Cycle Management, Logical Framework approach, etc.
  • Implementation of a tailored management information system (MIS) for the execution of tasks as well as for data storage and analysis.
  • Preparation of specific synthesis reports on projects having a common thematic approach, the same geographical coverage, or a comparable implementation mode.
  • Quality assurance of the monitoring reports and other deliverables prepared by the monitoring missions
  • Organisation of work meetings and seminars to present the findings of the monitoring activity
  • Preparation of a consolidated annual ROM analysis based on the missions carried out.

The compiled results of ROM provide inputs into the Accession monitoring Process. The ROM team prepares specific reviews and present them to revision meeting attended by EC relevant officials.