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More than 3,500 projects implemented around the world

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Since its founding in 1965, GOPA has successfully implemented over 3,500 projects in more than 130 countries. At present, over 140 are being carried out. This database provides a selection of projects best illustrating GOPA’s fields of activity.

Support to the Implementation of Decentralisation III (SID3)

Monitoring & Evaluation/Quality
Rwanda Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA)
Donor Organisation: 
KfW Development Bank
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Start of project: 
January, 2016
End of project: 
November, 2018

Project details


The purpose of the FC Programme is to implement relevant and adequate local infrastructure projects that are identified and monitored with participation of the population and executed by local governments, and are operated and maintained to improve service delivery and promote development at sub-national level, in particular local economic development.

The project aims at capacity strengthening in Rwanda Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA) in three areas:

  1. Planning and preparation of projects proposed by districts;
  2. Technical quality and economic efficiency, including considerations on management of the projects financed at local level, in particular revenue generating projects;
  3. Project cycle monitoring at LODA and local level.


Additionally, the aim is to closely follow up the planning and implementation of Development Partners (DP) funded projects in all 30 districts of Rwanda and the City of Kigali.

  • Supervision of the development of a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Information System (MEIS) including support to approval testing

  • Training programme for more than 400 Local Government staff in Monitoring and Evaluation and use of the new MEIS

  • Quality assurance of feasibility studies, procurement documents and technical designs submitted by Local Government for Funding

  • Technical and financial monitoring of projects funded by Development partners presently under implementation

  • Capacity building of LODA staff in financial management, procurement, technical monitoring, budget planning and works implementation

  • Capacity building in Operation and Maintenance of LG infrastructures by providing training to set up infrastructure inventories, conduct condition surveys, define maintenance activities and budget maintenance plans

  • Support to launch a sensitisation campaign to inform the population of an infrastructure complaint system allowing to submit individual complaints on the operation or maintenance of Local Government infrastructure

  • Unit cost analysis for local infrastructures (roads, water supply schemes, modern markets and schools)

  • Elaboration of a Project Management Handbook and capacity building of LG staff in management of infrastructure projects and contract management

Elaboration of an Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) and Land Acquisition, Compensation and Resettlement Policy Framework (LACRPF), including follow-up and integration into MEIS.


GOPA gives support to the Project Executing Agency – and indirectly to Districts - in the following areas:

  1. Support in project preparation, planning and implementation, including monitoring and evaluation as well as adequate operation and maintenance of projects. In this context, follow up on feasibility studies conducted by the Districts according to the guidelines developed under a previous phase of German Financial Cooperation (FC) and the support is particularly important.
  2. Assistance in the supervision of Districts with regard to compliance to the Rwandan guidelines, standards and procedures relating to environmental and social impact assessment and related mitigation measures.
  3. Besides the regular M+E activities during the project cycle, supervision of the implementation of a platform for citizen feedback in Districts at the Project Executing Agency will be particularly relevant.