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Technical Assistance to the EU Support Programme for the Implementation of the National Literacy Strategy (Alpha II)

Education and Employment Promotion
National Agency to Fight Illiteracy - ANLCA
Donor Organisation: 
European Commission (EC)
Associated Enterprises: 
dvv International
Project Volume: 
Value of Services: 
Start of project: 
December, 2016
End of project: 
December, 2017

Project details


The technical assistance provides support to the ANLCA in terms of support to the implementation and coordination of the national literacy strategy in general and of the EU support program in particular.

The technical assistance team provides a direct support to:

  • Component 1 – National strategies and public policy: the objective is to reinforce the national literacy strategy and the ANLCA to fulfil its role within this strategy
  • Component 2 – Adult education and socio-professional integration: the objective is to improve the quality, relevance and attractiveness of the different literacy programmes presented and implemented
  • Component 3 – Institutional and organisational capacity building: the objective is to support the ANLCA in improving its governance
  • Component 4 – Institutional communication: the objective is to implement an action plan for advocacy, communication and involvement of the ANLCA

Component 1:

  • Support to the implementation of the national strategy and the EU Support Programme
  • Support the strategic and budgetary planning, and the territorialisation of the strategy
  • Support the implementation of regional resource centres/training centres
  • Preparation and implementation of a study tour

Component 2:

  • Implementation of an association of references’ system (catalogue, label, network, etc.)
  • Revision of literacy programmes including for young people and rural zones
  • Support the establishment of a gateway between literacy and TVET
  • Revision of a competences framework
  • Monitoring of the training of trainer’s (literacy teacher) and of the certifications’ performance
  • Conception of digital educational resources (TICE)
  • Implementation and monitoring of field studies

Component 3:

  • Support the quality assurance system within the Agency
  • Monitoring of recommendations of the HR management
  • Monitoring of the information system’s performance
  • Elaboration of an internal procedures manual, and implementation of internal and management control system

Component 4:

  • Reinforce the visibility of the ANLCA (website, social networks, films, etc.)
  • Support the awareness actions