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Technical assistance to the support programme for the development and implementation of national youth and youth employability policies - Youth-Employment Programme (PAJE)

Education and Employment Promotion
European Commission (EC)
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European Commission (EC)
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GIP Inter
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Pôle emploi
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September, 2014
End of project: 
December, 2018

Context: Over 60% of the Algeria’s population are under 35. Social and professional inclusion of young people is therefore of great importance. Major issues are also seen within this group in terms of access to jobs, and gender, geographical and qualification-related inequalities. In common with other Maghreb countries, there is a high rate of unemployment amongst young college graduates.

It is essential to introduce an effective national youth policy (PNJ) that addresses the needs of young people to achieve lasting social cohesion in the country.

Project details


The overall aim of the Youth Employment Programme (PAJE) is to support the Algerian Government in its national youth inclusion and employability policy and the efforts made by civil society to take young people better into account in society.

  • Support to the identification and tendering (preparation of ToR and documents, support to tendering procedure, training and support to evaluation committees) and monitoring of implementation of:
    2 services contracts (€10,321,800), 2 equipment contracts (€379,443) and 1 service contract for communication (€499,500).
    Preparation of a grant scheme, support to grant proposals evaluation and grant attribution, monitoring of grant implementation for a total budget of €3,955,177

    Main activities carried out:

  • Management of the UAP technical assistance team, mainly four key experts, eight permanent junior experts based in the four pilot regions, one permanent communications expert, and a short-term pool of experts

  • Support to the National Programme Director DNP and beneficiaries in scheduling, organising, supervising and monitoring all PAJE activities

  • Support to the DNP in preparing and introducing programme estimates (both annual and closing)

  • Support to the DNP in preparing and launching calls for tenders relating to the goods and service contracts (i.e. preparing terms of reference, calls for tender packages, setting up evaluation committees, and assistance in monitoring EU procedures). Also, support in preparing and launching a call for proposals for civil society (i.e. preparing guidelines and training potential candidates). Furthermore, support in assessing bids and allocating contracts

  • Support to the DNP in monitoring the implementation of contracts

  • Identifying and mobilising the non-key experts

  • Support to the DNP in closing the PAJE and in designing and introducing a strategy to exit the programme

  • Technical support in producing three results:

    • developing measuring and analysis instruments to support the PNJ (R1)

    • designing and implementing one-stop information and guidance services for young people and regional NGO expertise pools (R2)

    • designing and setting up a fund to support the NGO initiatives and activity-creation projects in the ESSI domain (R2 and R3)

    • support in introducing the ESSI as an economic sector taken into account by the PNJ (R3)

    • support in the development of support to young entrepreneurs (R3)


Result 1: strengthening the intersectorality between players involved in implementing the PNJ (capacity building of players, and the development of methodological analysis tools)

Result 2: strengthening support for young people and participation in civil society with a view to their social and professional inclusion (one-stop information and guidance services for young people, regional NGO expertise pools, support to associative projects, and building up the capacities of NGOs)

Result 3: strengthening support for the creation of activities, mainly by developing social, solidarity-based and innovative economy (ESSI) (support in developing the ESSI as a sector providing employment, support for innovative business projects).

The PAJE is implemented centrally and in four pilot regions - two rural and two urban. A support fund (CODEVA) has been set up to support the local initiatives with grants. The total PAJE budget is €26m, co-financed by the EU (€23.5m).

Contract purpose: To provide support to the national PAJE department (DNP) in scheduling, running and coordinating stakeholders, and managing the programme. This support takes the form of a programme support unit (UAP) made up of a permanent team based in Algiers and in the four pilot regions, and an ad hoc pool of experts.