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Vocational Training in the North and East of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
Education and Employment Promotion
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Donor Organisation: 
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
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Start of project: 
October, 2015
End of project: 
May, 2017


The Government of Sri Lanka has declared the rehabilitation and socio-economic reintegration process of population groups affected by the war to be its highest priority and therefore, amongst others, promotes vocational education and training. The Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka were cut off from the development process for 25 years due to the continuous civil war that ended in 2009. The demand for skilled workers in these provinces is likely to grow in the future as businesses are re-establishing themselves and new enterprises are starting up. However, the former conflict regions still lack the resources and competencies to develop and expand required vocational training opportunities.

In 2012, GIZ launched the project "Vocational Training in the North of Sri Lanka", focusing on the improvement of TVET programmes in close cooperation with the private sector. A new (follow-up) technical cooperation measure ("Vocational Education and Training in the North and East of Sri Lanka"/VTN) expands its geographic area to the East where, like in the North, the quality of vocational training opportunities is inadequate and needs orientation is lacking.

Project details


Overall objective:

Youths utilise improved, needs-oriented training programmes in Northern and Eastern Provinces

Specific objective:

Taking into account that capacity development measures for TVET professionals (school managers, teachers and instructors) in the North and East are still at an initial stage, the VTN project will inter alia focus on strengthening the human capacity of the Sri Lankan German Training Institute (SLGTI) and other (11) supported TIs as well as raising awareness with and involving TVET key stakeholders.

The present consultancy project will be responsible for the implementation of the Action Area (AA) 2 (“Qualification of teaching and management staff”).

The objective of the AA 2 is to develop, organise and execute further vocational trainings for TVET teachers and management staff of TVET institutions.

  • Enable the managing and teaching staff of the SLGTI (as well as of the other 11 supported TIs) to offer high quality, competence-based training courses in five economic areas (construction technology, automotive technology, food processing technology, mechanical engineering, electrics/electronics technology (incl. solar technology) and ICT), including the organisation and implementation of Study Tours (Southeastern Asia, Europe)

  • Capacitate the SLGTI with trained managing and teaching staff to ensure the institute can launch its operations from June 2016

  • Assist the SLGTI with building up cooperation with other TVET institutions inside and outside Sri Lanka

  • Support the SLGTI in strengthening its partnership relations with key stakeholders from outside the TVET sector (employers, business associations, educational institutions, NGOs, etc.)

  • Help the SLGTI to become a Centre of Excellence for TVET in the North and East