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Call for experts under EU Framework on Irregular Migration, all levels (m/f), Worldwide

Job Details

Call for experts under EU Framework on Irregular Migration, all levels (m/f)
Governance and Economic Development
Framework Contract
Thursday, August 17, 2017
Name of project: 
EU Framework Contract for Technical and Support Services in the Field of Irregular Migration
Task description: 

EU Framework Contract for Technical and Support Services in the Field of Irregular Migration

(DG Migration and Home Affairs: HOME/2016/AMIF/FW/MIGR/0012-LOT1)

The main aim of the framework contract is to provide consultancy and technical support services on matters related to the prevention and addressing of irregular migration in order to support the effective implementation of the relevant components of the European Agenda on Migration and related policies and activities undertaken by the European Commission. 

Entry-level, junior and senior migration experts (with experience in policy and legal analysis, data collection), as well as web editors and web masters are invited to submit their CV´s in order to be included in the expert pool. 


Experts (m/f) with expertise in the following fields are being called upon:

  1. Policy analysis: Irregular migration (e.g. border management, smuggling and human trafficking) and return policy;
  2. Legal consultancy: Provide consultancy and data processing in the context of legislative revisions and events related to irregular migration;
  3. Research and data collection: Conduct analytical work, knowledge gathering activities and studies in the area of irregular migration in order to allow for better informed decision-making and policy-development; (including gathering primary data through fieldwork in third countries and desk research);
  4. Awareness raising: Design and implementation of awareness-raising campaigns;
  5. Needs assessment: Identification of needs and gaps on priority third countries of origin and transit for migration;
  6. Capacity building: Strengthening the capacity of governments and civil society by increasing their knowledge and enhancing their skills;
  7. Vulnerable groups: Address the needs of particularly vulnerable groups of irregular migrants (e.g. refugees, asylum seekers, women, unaccompanied children, etc.);
  8. Dissemination of information: Publish outcomes of consultancy work via online tools; introduction of structural amendments to website; and introduction of content updates into the content management system.
Other information: 

Languages: Good command of English and French. Additional third language-skills are considered an asset.

Qualifications: Regional experience gained in the Western Balkans, Africa and/or Asia is an asset.

Additional comments: Please mail your CV in EU word format in English or French, and sustained by language certificates and availability to the extent possible.

An expert may be contracted for several assignments during the duration of the Framework Contract.

Experts included in the expert pool will be contacted in line with the Terms of Reference of a particular Request for Service.  

Mission start date: 
To be determined
Mission end date: 
To be determined
Project start date: 
August 2017
Project end date: 
August 2021
Variable, expected between 3 and 9 months on the average
Contact person: