Albania: "Population and Housing Census 2020"

High-level Conference launches the activity of the decade for Albania, funded by the European Union

More than 100 high-ranking participants, representatives of international organisations, ministries, institutions and civil society groups, came together on 20 September 2019, to attend the Opening Conference of the technical assistance project “Support for the implementation of Population and Housing Census 2020, Albania” - funded by the European Union and implemented by GOPA Consultants.

The distinguished panel of speakers honouring this event included the Ambassador of the European Union Delegation to Albania, the Deputy Minister of Albania's Ministry of Finance & Economy, the Ambassador of the Swedish Embassy, as another key donor of the project, INSTAT, and GOPA representatives.

The Opening Conference marked a key milestone in the Census 2020 activity for Albania: just one year ahead of implementation, the Conference announced the progress, achievements and innovations that this Census will bring to the country, in providing an accurate snapshot as well as further aligning with Acquis Communautaire in European Statistics.

The Conference demonstrated the immense undertaking for INSTAT and all its partners and stakeholders. It also pointed out the pioneering aspects that will improve the National Statistical System in Albania. Being the last traditional fieldwork Census, through the latest technological innovations such as Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) system it will provide the ground for future register-based Censuses - unloading the highly costly traditional field based operations, amongst many other benefits.

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