Signature on a new partnership with IESF

GOPA Consultants sign a one-year partnership agreement with the association, Education Inspectors Without Borders (Inspecteurs de l'Education Sans Frontières/IESF)

This new partnership agreement between GOPA and IESF aims to bring advantages to both sides in responding to calls for tender. Not only can GOPA can benefit from IESF's network that includes not only education and TVET (technical and vocational education and training) experts, but also inspectors from the ministries of agriculture.

Accordingly, IESF will allow GOPA as "business ally" to access their experts database; IESF will share any expert search that GOPA asks for; and IESF will let GOPA know whenever they are contacted by other entities concerning a call for tender. In return, GOPA will: use the CVs of experts only with their explicit consent; inform IESF of the mobilisation of experts identified in their database; and also inform experts of the existence of this partnership.