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Kenya: Drought Resilience Programme

We are pleased to announce the start of our “Drought Resilience Programme” in Northern Kenya, a 3-year, KFW-funded project with an overall volume of €21m. This continues our rural development & environment team’s focus on climate change resilience projects already implemented in Northern Ethiopia and Djibouti.

The programme aims to strengthen the drought resilience and climate change adaptive capacities – and inherent food security – of pastoral and agropastoral livelihoods and communities in two northern counties, where nearly 30% of Kenya’s total population resides amidst high levels of poverty.

Frequent droughts recurring at ever-decreasing intervals are leading to a rise in the annual mean temperature, a consequence of climate change. This development has a devastating effect on the production potential, income, willingness to invest and – as a result – the food security of the population. In addition, the lack of water supply and the carrying capacity of rangelands are key development constraints.

The local population will directly benefit from the Programme’s activities to expand and rehabilitate relevant infrastructure and to promote sustainable production and wealth.