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Mongolia: Successful Closure of EU-funded Trade Related Assistance for Mongolia (TRAM) Project

The European Union (EU)-funded Trade Related Assistance for Mongolia (TRAM) project ended on 31 July 2021, after more than four years of implementation by GOPA Worldwide Consultants, British Standards Institution (BSI) and PM Group. Our project team cooperated closely with a variety of stakeholders in Mongolia and abroad, including the EU Delegation to Mongolia; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia; Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI); Mongolian Customs Administration; Mongolian Agency for Standardisation and Metrology; General Agency for Specialised Inspection; Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry; National Development Agency; EuroChamber; four supported export clusters; IHZM GmbH in Berlin; Mongolian Embassy in Berlin; various international organisations; other projects and many others.

The purpose of the project was to strengthen capacities and to support Mongolian public institutions and the private sector in implementing trade policy initiatives focusing on specific products and sectors with high potential, with a view to enabling the country to participate effectively in the world economy. The results achieved by the project are truly outstanding, ranging from the revised and enabling framework of trade policy and trade facilitation to the development of innovative non-mining, value-added products and the establishment of real export market opportunities in the EU. Some textile and leather products supported by TRAM are showcased here:

We wish to thank all partners, beneficiaries and colleagues for their active and professional participation in TRAM activities and for their dedication to use the project’s achievements for the sustainable development of Mongolia and for a fruitful development of the country’s trade to the EU and the world.