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Call for Experts under FWC Lot 3: Trade and Market Access

Call for Experts under FWC Lot 3: Trade and Market Access
Governance and Economic Development
Framework Contract
Name of project:
Policy Support Facility For the Implementation of EU Foreign Policy-PSF 2019 Worldwide-Lot 3: Trade and Market Access
Task description:

The overall objective of the FWC Lot 3 is to contribute to improved market access for EU companies in third countries through increasing business and trading opportunities for EU companies in third countries, ensuring proper enforcement and implementation of trade and investment agreements and supporting market access activities to ensure the removal of trade and investment barriers for EU business. In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, experts with experience in international trade law and policy and with extensive knowledge of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) are needed to perform the following activities and tasks:

  • Legal analysis and advice, as well as fact finding in relation to dispute settlement, market access and trade defence cases
  • Technical support, fact-finding and analysis of economic partnership and free trade agreement during the negotiations
  • Fact-finding and analysis of FTA areas
  • Provide technical support to implement reforms linked to provisions in trade and investment agreements (e.g. technical regulations and standards, customs, environmental and labour laws, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development provisions, competition policy)
  • Assistance to monitoring the proper implementation of trade and investment agreements
  • Organisation of expert seminars and workshops, in particular linked to the preparation, negotiation or implementation of trade and investment agreements and the removal of market access barriers
  • EU trade law harmonisation
  • Support delegations coordinating market access teams
  • Monitoring of the business environment in partner countries, including existing and planned legislation and standards

To carry out the above tasks, technical expertise in one or more of the following areas is required:

• customs and trade facilitation; • import formalities and requirements; • non-tariff barriers (NTBs); • technical barriers to trade (TBTs); • investment; • services; • intellectual property rights; • public procurement; • corporate social responsibility; • sustainable development and environment; • sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures; • agriculture and fisheries; • competition policy and state-owned enterprises; • anti-fraud • energy and raw material • telecommunications • electronic commerce • Proceedings and expertise linked to WTO dispute settlements and trade defence instruments • Identification and efforts to remove market access barriers in third countries • Advocacy with third country governments and civil society organisations • Taxation issues

Additionally, experience in one or more of the following areas is highly preferred:

  • Extensive knowledge of international trade, in particular EU external trade and/or Free Trade Agreement implementation
  • Direct exposure to policy formulation in trade-related areas
  • Experience in economic, legal, and/or business analysis, and FTA analysis, negotiations and implementation
  • Understanding of regional economic integration dynamics
  • Knowledge or direct exposure of negotiation, implementation or monitoring of Economic Partnership Agreements
  • Strong knowledge of implementation of international trade commitments, and preferential trade agreements

Experience in strategic partner countries including: Australia, Canada, China, China-Hong Kong, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United States of America, Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil.

Other information:

GOPA is the leader of the consortium awarded the Framework Service Contract for the Policy Support Facility for the Implementation of EU Foreign Policy, Lot 3: Trade and Market Access. Over the lifetime of the Framework Contract (2 years renewable), we will receive various requests for services for short- and medium-term assignments on a wide range of trade-related topics. Each request will include detailed ToR of the specific requirements.

Only candidates matching the selection criteria will be contacted.

Contact person:
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Ben Sidhom
+49 1797271372
Governance and Economic Development

Hindenburgring 18
61348 Bad Homburg