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News and Insights

News and Insights

Bosnia & Herzegovina: 12-year, SDC-funded, Youth Employment Project continues….and a new EU project starts!

The “Youth Employment Project (YEP)", which began in October 2008, has recently received a two-year extension up to March 2022. The objective of YEP's extended phase is to further strengthen and contribute to the Impakt Investment Foundation (IIF)'s sustainability. Being a spin-off of YEP's project and now the beneficiary of the extended phase, IIF aims at strengthening support systems for entrepreneurship, increasing the number and competences of new entrepreneurs and enhancing the environment for new start-ups and SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the next 10 years, IIF intends to register 1200 formal businesses and cumulatively create over 7000 jobs, contributing to the region's economic development, peace and stability. One of its highlights is the application of the outcomes-based payment concept for the first time in the employment sector worldwide. The newly awarded, EU-funded, employment project – “Strengthening the capacity of labour market institutions by improving of l…

M&E: GOPA wins GIZ evaluation framework contracts

GOPA’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning team is pleased to announce that we have been awarded Framework Contracts for GIZ’ Central Project Evaluations (CPEs), running over the next two years. CPEs for BMZ Business account for the majority of GIZ evaluations. They focus on worldwide initiatives implemented by GIZ in order to support partners' change projects, or to address sectoral and global development issues in cooperation arrangements. The MEL Unit was successful in six Lots, with nine GOPA experts now being part of the GIZ evaluator pool. The Lots span a variety of sectors, namely Governance and Democracy, Health, Rural Development, Urban and Regional Development, Climate, Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy. This is the second time we have been awarded Framework Contracts for CPEs, the first tranche having finished in June 2020. During the first framework contract, we successfully conducted eight such evaluations. CPEs are usually final evaluations and comprise …

Corporate news: Health and Social Development become part of GOPA portfolio

We are proud to announce that from 1st of September, EPOS Health Management will integrate into GOPA Worldwide Consultants and be renamed to GOPA Health and Social Development. Both companies are members of GOPA Consulting Group. Ongoing discussions with our clients and project partners have identified a need for a holistic approach to respond to changing market demands and new dynamics emerging after the corona crisis. We have hence reorganised our service portfolio in order to meet these increasingly integrated project requirements in the future, as well as offer effective solutions that fit in a broader context. We would like to extend a warm welcome to the EPOS community! For further information on the services provided, please click here.

Innovation: GOPA Group member develops an AI tool for COVID-19 detection

EPOS Health Management, a member of GOPA Consulting Group, developed a user-friendly, open source, artificial intelligence (AI) tool together with MyCare2x. The tool is called and enables rapid analysis of chest X-rays and scans to support COVID-19 pneumonia detection. Click here to see a video with further details on this innovative tool. The video was presented at round two of the Smart Development Hackathon organised last month by the German Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ) and the European Commission. The hackathon received 1,000 applications and EPOS was selected amongst the 20 finalists who demonstrated innovative digital solutions for developing countries to better cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ocean Governance: Protecting and restoring marine ecosystems

Dialogue, collaboration and knowledge-sharing are key success factors of international development projects. The recently kicked-off, EU-funded Ocean Governance project is all about promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing for the good of marine and coastal ecosystems. As lead partner of the consortium with B&S Europe and the WWF, GOPA was awarded this EUR 7 million project. The Ocean Governance project (full title: “Protecting and restoring marine ecosystems, catalysts for building peace and security and fostering sustainable economies, South Asia and Atlantic Ocean basin”) aims to strengthen the EU's position as global actor in international Ocean Governance. It connects the managers of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) within, and between, the two regions in focus by the project: the Atlantic Basin and South-East Asia. Managers of marine and/or coastal protected areas are given support in improving the effectiveness of their work - to protect marine migratory species and…