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Advising sugar manufacturers in Mexico on COVID-19 prevention measures for vulnerable workers

In the framework of our DEG- funded project “Advisory Support for COVID-19 prevention & response”, our HSD team provided technical assistance to Mexican sugar producers to mitigate infection risk.  Each year, thousands of seasonal workers travel from remote indigenous communities to assist with the harvesting of sugar cane crops. This migration brings a heightened risk of infection among vulnerable workers during their initial travels and when lodged on-site in communal shelters.  Additionally, these workers run the risk of carrying the virus back into their communities when they return home end-of-season.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts advised Mexican sugar manufacturers to prioritize vulnerable workers along the supply chain and prepared guidelines and protocols in user-friendly formats for the leaders of seasonal workers. Through these guidelines, leaders ensure shelters accommodating workers and their families are complaint with measures covering relevant and urgent COVID-19 related topics such as WaSH, infrastructure, transport, ventilation, health services, gender, psychosocial support and behavior change & risk communication.